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So You Think You Can Diaper Your Dog? You Betcha!

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

I wrote about trying to get a dog diaper on my Chihuahua, Buddy. Needless to say it was not pretty. So, when the lovely people from Peekeeper contacted me and wanted to send me a Peekeeper Dog Diaper to try out I thought well why not.

The Peekeeper Dog Diaper is basically¬† made of cloth material and is a harness the wraps around the dog’s shoulders and underside. You then insert a sanitary pad, yea you heard that right and the dog is ready to go. When the dog pees it collects in the pad and not on your floor or furniture. For bigger dogs you can use an adult incontinence pad. Also, the dog can not wiggle out of the Peekeeper Dog Diaper.

Here is Buddy wearing his Peekeeper. Don’t let his grim expression fool you. He’s eleven and a bit of a grumpy old man!

Here he is outside. You see that puddle by the chair? Yea, nothing is sacred. His mentality is why jump off the porch and pee in the yard when there is a perfectly good lawn chair to pee on. Not feeling so smug are you now Buddy?

I found the Peekeeper Dog Diaper easy to get on Buddy and he does not seem to mind. As I said the regular diaper did not go over well at all. The Peekeeper is machine washable and made of durable material. There are five colers, two for females only and one for males only. I got the blue demim for Buddy. The site tells you how to measure your dog to get the right size which is important and then you pick your color and sex of your pet and your Peekeeper Dog Diaper will be on its way!

I must admit I am in love with this product. I can not tell you what a chore it is to come home everyday and have to clean up after Buddy. Even though I put down puppy pads he did not always use them.

I am not the only satisfied customer either. Just go to the Peekeeper and read the glowing reviews. Thank you Peekeeper! My floors thank you too! If you place an order before April 15th you can get 10% off your one Peekeeper Dog Diaper. Just put in the discount code JB2B10 and start saving your floors too!

I was compensated for this post but my opinions are my own.

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