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Fitness Update – Not

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Well, what can I say. The report is not so good. I knew it would not be. Considering I was sick for a whole week this month and did not exercise. And let’s not even talk about the macaroni & cheese, mozzarella sticks, and pizza comfort food. Hey, I was sick. Plus, this week for some reason a couple of co-workers just had to give me a HOMEMADE bean burrito in a lard ridden tortilla. We won’t talk about the egg salad thick with gooey, yummy mayonnaise.

Oh, and did I tell you how hot it is here? Monsoon season is in full swing complete with humidity. My 20 minute workouts have turned into a 20 minute sweat fest.

It’s. not. pretty.

I gave up my morning workout slot to walking Lucie my big, red dog. No point in both of us participating in a sweat fest. But really, walking her in the afternoon would be nothing short of abuse anyway. I would not think of walking barefoot on the asphalt at 3:00 in the afternoon and I certainly do not expect her to.

I have come up with a new plan of action. I am going to alternate walking days with workout days in the mornings. When it is cool. And comfortable. And cool. And quiet. Did I mention it is cool?

Back to the salads and protein drinks. Be gone pizza! Be gone mozzarella sticks! Oh, ok be gone mac & cheese. We can meet up again in the future, but only if you promise not to show up every day. Lucie has been told to intercept you at the door. You can not argue with 63lbs of dog.

Dear God,

Please make summer go away. It is not working for me.

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Where Have I Been? In the Nurse’s Office.

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

So to speak. After waking up two days in a row with a major sore throat I decided to go to the doctor. I have a cold. It just has to go away. I was thinking strep throat or some other kind of infection. Not that I really wanted that but I spent $25 for nothing. Plus the nurse practically choked me taking a throat culture. I swear I gagged and coughed for 10 minutes straight! No lie!

So all I get out of this is time off hopefully paid but I do not know. Nothing like sitting at home sweating while you feel like crap. I did pick up some chicken noodle soup for comfort. Ok, I got some mac and cheese and mozzarella sticks too. What? Totally blowing the workout schedule too. Not to mention Lucie my big, red dog has not had a walk since last Saturday. She brought me her tug toy last night and insisted I play. So I did. Still have to take care of the kids.

Speaking of Lucie, she got sick on the 4th of July. She started acting like she was going to throw up. Then she started shaking and one eye was closing. Yes, I was freaking out. Never mind that my dog was sick, it was the 4th of July for God’s sake! Oh, not another emergency pet trip. Anyway, she tried to eat the dead grass in my yard so I decided to run up to the pet store and pick up some grass. Yea, for those of you that do not know they sell live grass. I assume for all of us people that live in the desert and do not have grass.

She managed to throw up yellow bile before I left. I came back with the grass and she munched about half of it. Not too long after she perked right up. Maybe I should try some to feel better. I do not know what she ate but I did catch my freako neighbor feeding her yesterday. I jumped out of my house and let him know that he is NOT to feed anything to my dogs. They are not allowed people food since the fight. This neighbor does not like my dogs so I do not trust him. Plus, he keeps calling Lucie a boy. Told him 10 million times she is a GIRL! See nothing hanging out down there dude.

So I will stop ranting now. It is hard when your throat hurts and you are bored. Why is there nothing but infomercials on TV during the week?

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Training Lucie My Big, Red Dog.

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Lucie’s lessons came to an end this past Saturday. Kind of. I decided to continue her training lessons because we both enjoy it so much and she is doing so well. I worked out a payment plan with my trainer and it is something I can afford. But mostly, it is good for Lucie and me. She is so smart and picks up things so fast.

Last week she worked on sitting on the tubs and best of all sitting and staying. I must admit she and I have been working on this quite a bit at home. I put her in down stay and walked away. Sometimes out of sight. So she preformed well at school and earned many a treat from her trainers.

So this week I am training her to sit on command during our walks. The reason for this is if a dangerous situation arises such as another dog appears or whatever the case may be, she will know that I am going to handle it and I am in control. So far, so good. She is supposed to stop amd sit at my side but at this point she only stops when I stand in front of her. She does stop and sit and sometimes lays down. We will get there.

She is getting so much better riding in the car too. Lucie has now claimed the back seat as her own instead of lying across the front seat and gear shift. I have a Volkswagen and it is hard to shift with a 63 pound dog lying across the shifter.

Buddy, my 10-year-old Chihuahua is another story. He has taken to howling constantly, so much so that he is horse must of the time. He freaks when I leave the room and pees on things when I am not there. Last week when I took Lucie for a walk he peed on her bed and my flip-flops. Yea, passive aggressive or what?

So, that is another challenge. Nothing new.

To be continued…

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A Little Late Fitness Update.

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

I am a bit late with this but hey, been busy here. My new writing job is going well and my weekdays are filled to the brim. That is the way I like it. Anyway, I am pleased with my progress and even though I kinda slacked a bit this month I still look better and feel better. I am fitting into some smaller jeans and tops that were basically in mothballs in the closet for awhile (not really, I only saved my favorite jeans from years past and I wrote about mothballs in an article.)

So, it is so hot here now that I can only walk Lucie, my big, red dog in the early mornings. That cuts into my workout time as I just can not do both before I go to work. I decided to  alternate days. Work out one day. Walk Lucie the next. That was ok but she needs more walking and I need more working out. That is why I am going to walk her Mon-Fri mornings next week and workout when I get home.

I miss the workout everyday and as I said, she needs her workout everyday too. So the stats from March until now.

March 21st

Weight 127 lbs

Waist 35″

Hips 37 1/2″

Thighs 21″

Bust 35″


April 21st

Weight 124 lbs

Waist 34″

Hips 37 1/2″

Thighs 20″

Bust 34″


May 21st

Weight 122lbs

Waist 33″

Hips 37″

Thighs 19 1/2″

Bust 34″


June (oops) 26th

Weight 122

Waist 32″

Hips 36″

Thighs 19″

Bust 34″

Yea, weight is still the same but that number does not concern me as much as what I look like. Waist down an inch, Hips down an inch. Thighs the same thank goodness. Boobs hanging in there.

I have chicken legs and wish I could have nice defined legs like this.

But not like this.

No way, Jose.

Well, going to work on looking my best. But, not going to kill myself eithter.


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Is There Pepto For Dogs?

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Here is a little warning. Do not keep reading is you are squeamish. Sometimes I come home from work and open the door and smell the cat box or if I forget to close the bathroom door I might find a surprise in the bathtub. I guess I should be thankful it is in the tub and not in my bed.

Anyway. I knew is was bad because the overwhelming smell was actually making me gag. I searched for the offending smell and I came upon Lucie my big, red dog in her crate. I looked down and the bottom was filled with diarrea. Smelly, runny diarreah. Sorry. She had also tried the bust out of her crate in I am sure an effort to not lose it in the crate. She managed to break the latch but the door was wedged and she could not escape.

The crazyiest part of the whole deal was she was clean except for the bottoms of her paws. She must have stood in this one small section for however long until I got home. Poor baby. She did track it through the house on the way outside where she took care of business out there. She’s only had one accident inside since I have had her so I am sure she had good intentions.

I sure I could have used a floor tile cleaning machine austin professional from I mopped up but I can still smell it. Plus it is summer and the cooler is off during the day.

Well, she is hanging out in the living room today so hopefully she is over this little bug and I will not come home to a mess like that again. Now I just have to try and fix the crate. Where’s a man when you need one?

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Dog & Human Training Update.

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Yes, I do believe that Lucie my big, red dog and Buddy have the easy tasks in school. They only work about 10 minutes to learn new behaviors. Me on the other hand, I have to spend time thinking about what I need to do and when. It is work but I do not think it is as bad as some people led me to believe. I think I know why.

Let me start by saying I made an observation the first day of training. When dogs pull or get distracted on a walk or when just out and about you have to get them to refocus on YOU. Important because that is how you get them to obey. So the first day I learned that when walking and the dog pulls you walk backward pulling the leash until the dogs focuses on you. You know this is happening when they look at you. You can also walk them in a circle to calm them down and do something that is really fun although the people in the neighborhood might think you are nuts.

It is called “Dancing with Dogs.” Basically you dart around back and forth and round and round and the dog follows you because he or she as the case may be does not know what you will do next. So simply put, they have to focus on you. So back to the jist of my story, I saw a lady at training and her dog was pulling and not following her lead. The trainer yelled for her to back up (yea they do yell when needed) and the lady said, “It is not working!” Right then the trainer ran over and grabbed the leash and said, “Oh yes it does!” Let’s just say IT DID. So from that day on I knew it was up to me and I had to be in control and not give up even if the dog does not do it right the first time. Start over until they get it right.

This was an important lesson for me not only in dog training but in my life. I realized later that if I can train a dog. A reactive, crazy redhead dog I can train myself to take control. I did it with my nut job neighbor a few weeks ago. So working with my dogs this past three weeks we have accomplished Lucie learning to walk without pulling, walk without fear through relaxation techniques, sit, down, and stay. She knows “leave it” where I throw down a treat and she is not allowed to get it. This is great on walks when she wants to pick up trash or even chase a cat. Trust me this has happened several times. It also works when she wants to get and chew Buddy’s stuffed Booda toy. Sometimes she will sneak it out of his bed but drops it as soon as she knows I am aware she has it. She was the demo dog for “leave it” at our last lesson. Oh, so proud of my little pupil!

I learned how to recognize aggressive behavior through looking at her ears, tail and stance. The relaxation technique I use involves using the palm of my hand and rubbing in a half circular fashion starting at the back of her neck and working my way down to her tail. In under a minute her head will go down, then her tail, then she will sit and finally she will drop to the floor. Amazing.

I only train her with treats part of the time. I do not want her to only react for treats. So far this is working. I know because I introduced a new lesson this week. It is called “Taking Control of the Door.” I always walk out of the door before her. I then tell her to sit and stay. I started slowly by standing by the door. Then I started walking around the yard. Next I went where she could not see me. Each time I was gone longer and longer. She did not get up. She came outside when I invited her and the same with going inside. So imagine my surprise when I forgot to test her and I went in the house and forgot she was out there. I went to the restroom came out and she was sitting on the porch waiting to be invited in! I told her to come in and let out the biggest YES ever. She got major treats for that and she did it more than once.

Most importantly this would not have been possible a few weeks ago.

So, I am happy about all of this and glad I get to keep my dogs and learn new things. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. So to speak.

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Lucie, Buddy and Juliannah Go Back To School.

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

*Update* If you go here you can see Lucie in action.

I would have never believed that I could spend one training session with my dogs and have them turn around so much. On Saturday me, Lucie my big, red dog and Buddy went for our first training class. I thought it would be a nightmare because of the Vet visit from hell. But, it really was a great day and all three of us had a great time.

When we got there Lucie jumped out of the car and I grabbed Buddy in his crate and we walked right into the trainer’s backyard. There was probably four other dogs there and everyone was really nice. Especially the trainers.

In the backyard was a dog obstacle course. There was a pathway, a low ladder lying on the ground and a higher ladder. There was three stars for the dogs to step over plastic sticks while walking in a circle. After that was poles to leap over and a hoop to jump through. There was a teeter toter, tunnels and ramps to climb.

First I took Lucie on the pathway and she did great. Next she went on the low ladder. Again not too bad. After that we went on the high ladder and she did not completely stay on but she did pretty well. Next was the stars and then the leaping poles. I could tell she really had fun doing that. She leapt the small pole and the high pole. Everyone was really pleased with her progress. We tried the tunnel but that was a no go. We will work on that one in the future.

Next up was Buddy. I has serious doubts that he would do anything as up until now he would not even walk on a leash.  He not only walked he did the pathway with ease. He did the low ladder and he jumped over the pole. Not once, not twice by at least four or five times. He even considered the tunnel, went in a little and then came back out. Lucie barely put her face in.

I also learned relaxation techniques to use on them. I learned a noise to make that gets Lucie’s attention. I learn how to poke her as another way of getting her attention. I know now what caused the fight and injuries. Lucie my big, red happy-go-lucky dog has a sniffing problem. In other words she sniffs too much and it is aggrevating to Buddy. Buddy then growls and she grabs him. The reason Buddy got hurt is because I pulled them apart. I learned how to get then apart by walking up her back with my hands and grabbing her scruff and picking her up with it.

So after one hour my dogs changed and we then went home a happier family. I continued with my new techniques all the rest of the weekend and when I got up and took Lucie on her walk on Sunday I was so surprised that she hardly pulled and when she did I backed up and pulled on the leash and she would refocus on me. When we were coming upon housed with dogs I would just tell her, “Oh, look at that it is a dog!” I also used the relaxtion techniques and she barely whimpered. Before she would try and jump on me and pull even worse.

So, I am looking forward to going back and learning more. I came so close to giving Lucie up. The great part about this is the lessons are free. Yea that’s right. Free. The shelter pays because too many people were returning animals because of behaviour trouble. That is what would have happened to me.

So, keep you all posted and next week I should gets some photos and maybe video.


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Can It Get Worse?

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

I came home on Friday expecting to have a nice weekend at home relaxing and staying warm with my dogs because a cold front was coming through and luckily I have an electric fireplace and space heater since they shut down my furnace and started up the cooler.

I sat on the couch and ate my dinner while throwing a french fry or two to my dogs. I got up to wash my plate and all hell broke loose. My big, red dog Lucie and my Chihuahua Buddy started fighting. I pulled them apart and noticed blood coming from Buddy’s ear and what looked like a puncture in the back of his neck.

Buddy was running around crying and I feared internal injuries. I let him outside and Lucie walked up to him and another fight started. Now, this one I witnessed first hand and I do believe Buddy started both of them. I once again broke it up and put Lucie in the house and tried to pick Buddy up but he just tried to bite me. I went in the house and called a vet and told them what happened and told them I could not pick Buddy up. They instructed me to catch him in a towel and then put him in his crate and bring him in.

I managed to do this and we were off to the vet. I spent four agonizing hours there and thank goodness Buddy only had the puncture on the back of the neck and a laceration in his ear. I am sure Lucie only meant to hold him down. The vet said that if Lucie wanted to hurt him she would have. I really can not blame her for protecting herself.

So, I finally got home at 10:30pm with a freaked out Chihuahua and a freaked out Lab. Needless to say I did not get much sleep. I did get pain meds for Buddy and finally made a concoction of peanut butter and milk that he would eat without knowing what was in it.

Of course it rained all night and most of the next day so Buddy had to use puppy pads in the house. At one point I caught him relieving himself all over the space behind my couch. Yea, that was fun cleaning up in the middle of the night.

So now, today 2 days post attack I am worn out and Buddy is finally starting to take it easy. Saturday I had to basically build a blockade and keep them separate. I think Buddy’s pain  meds are making him a bit psychotic. This morning he was laying on my couch behind my laptop and he stood up and tried to attack my computer. Sorry, teeth on the screen does not work for me.

So I am taking tomorrow off to get some rest and figure out how to keep them separated. I guess I will keep them in different rooms when I am not home. Don’t know what else to do.

Signing off, tired, grumpy and in need of a shower.

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Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Lucie, my bad big, red dog is walking a short tightrope. Or in dog would a short lease. Over the last couple of weeks I have come home from work to find some items chewed on or chewed up. It started with one of my pillows. She bit a hole in the pillow case because hell going in from the open part was just too easy.

I did not take photos that day because I did not think about it. I was too busy beating her with the pillow. A couple of days after that I came home to find her bed is a million pieces all over the house. I neglected pictues again since I was distracted and it took nearly all afternoon to find all those pieces. I sure there are still a few strays under the bed.

Sooo, a couple days after that I came home to find BUDDY’S bed in another million pieces. ARGGGG! Needless to say, Buddy did not take it well. He loves his bed. He has never chewed anything that does not taste like food. When I picked up the pieces and stuffed them in a bag this what he did.

He is trying to pull the pieces out of the bag.

I thought about stuffing the pieces back in the bed, but of course she ruined the zipper too. Lucie has one speed. Go! Winning! Not.

Yea, his whole head is in the bag. That’s not saying much as he a tiny head.

Somebody’s been sleeping in my bed.

And they tore up my pillow and comforter.

And it ain’t Goldilocks!

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There is Something to be Said for Wearing Shoes.

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

I almost never wear shoes in the house. Even in winter I will wear socks but not shoes. When I get home from work two things automatically come off. Shoes and bra. It is just a matter of being comfortable.

Well, the other day I was going through a closet and I reached for a stack of books that were on a high shelf. There were at least seven books and one of the books was big. So of course instead of grabbing half the books I tried to grab them all. Smart move Sherlock because I could not hold them all and of course they started falling to the floor and of course the big one landing right on my big toe. Yes, it did hurt but instead of checking my toe I just went about picking up the books and continued going through the closet.

A couple minutes later I looked down only to see blood seeping through my sock. Great. I went to the bathroom and removed the sock and found that a big chuck of skin was missing from my toe and blood was starting to gush everywhere. I looked for a band-aid but of course there were none. I had to make a temporary band-aid out of toilet paper and that white tape that comes in first aid kits.

Now mind you, my big red dog Lucie was trying to help me by attempting to to lick my bleeding toe. So imagine trying to tape up your toe and fight off a big red dog that is insisting on examining and helping. Back off girl! I finally had to remove her from the room.

So, my toe still hurts and still bleeds a little but I think I will live.

Of course Lucie still has a huge interest in it. Maybe it was the blood. Maybe she is secretly a vampire. I think I might have to hold a mirror in front of her face. Or show her some garlic.

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