Saturday, July 26th, 2014

I think I need to talk about my husband. Because it helps me go on each day and I want him remembered in a good light. I miss him so much.

This is not me trying to evoke sympathy. This is a way to deal with my feelings.

I have a story to tell.

Les and I spent many afternoons listening to music. Music being one of the three things we had in common along with gardening and camping. Camping was great once we arrived. A long story for another day.

Corvette used to pull out his guitar, including a flying Z, red Fender (at least I think it was a Fender) and an acoustical electric currently living with our youngest son.

I loved the sounds that came from that axe. Pure beauty.

I would say, “What are you going to play?”


“No. Play Aerosmith.”

“Def Leppard.”

“No, Aerosmith.”

“Jimi Hendrix.”


A few minutes later, I would hear the first chords to Walk This Way or Same Old Song and Dance. I would stop whatever I was doing and join Corvette in the living room. I then danced my heart out. I can not even talk about the harmonica except to say I learned to play When the Saints Come Marching In.

I came home from work today and decided I needed to clean my house. You know, dog hair taking over. I wanted to listen to music during this task and since I am currently reading about Cyndi Lauper. I went in search of the DVD, Twelve Deadly Cyns. I could not find it anywhere. I spent way too much time looking for this and after becoming exasperated, I decided I should listen to something else. I pulled out a stack of CDs. The one on top, Little South of Sanity by Aerosmith, a collection of live music Aerosmith released in 1998, jumped out at me.

Corvette originally introduced me to this band in 1976, Rocks.

When Angel played, yes, a few tears.

Sadness has tried to grip me. I do feel a little south of sanity sometimes. No worries though.

I am living. I have a clean house, fresh laundry and a nice feeling along with a big, red dog.

I think I will listen again.


This is for you baby.

YouTube Preview Image

Hiding Out.

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Today at work all five hundred of us were required to come dressed in business casual. That means no jeans, T-shirts or spandex. Actually spandex is outlawed everyday but my eyes have burned more than once.

This only happens when we have a client visit. It creates a more professional environment. Most everyone looks exceptional except for the girl in the super short dress that should be illegal. Possibly the same one with the way too revealing spandex. I honestly believe some people do not own a mirror.

I woke up this morning, took my shower and got dressed. Guess what I had on?


Now I thought about the dress requirements all day yesterday. Really.

Once I busted out of that rotating door I thought no more about anything except going home and kicking back.

I knew as soon as I walked in this morning. Crudbuckets!

I tried my best to hide under my desk. Finally, I messaged my TL, another new one at that. I told him I forgot and what I was wearing.


He was cool and said it was ok as long as I had a nice shirt/blouse on. Lucky me, yes I did. I still felt weird and as I stood out like a sore thumb I tried my to best hide.

So on my breaks I covertly hid behind cubicles as I made my way around the building.

He also included another message for me.

“Don’t do it again.”


Lucie Tails – Vet Visit.

Monday, July 21st, 2014

Lucie my big, red dog and I paid a visit to the vet yesterday. She was in need of vaccinations because at this point she an illegal citizen and I do not need a ticket from the dog police. I’ve already had this experience years ago and had to go to court and plead guilty to not acquiring a license for my dog.

Lucie received her shots and an exam. She was not happy but hey, It was not a colostomy girl! I was told she has gained twenty pounds since her last visit. Ok vet, I may be guilty of giving her a treat or two.

The diagnosis is more exercise and diet dog food. Maybe some low cal snacks. Rice cakes? I don’t know.

The vet and tech took her in the back to clip the talons, do blood work and administer the vaccines. As Lucie emerged, she ran right past me and jumped up on the exit door. Then she tried to get on my lap. Not good considering her weight at this time.

I managed to calm her and talked with the vet about getting her teeth cleaned. Something else I am apparently negelcting. I feel like a bad doggie mama at this point. She has an appointment to go under anesthesia for teeth cleaning.

She lately is plagued with a few cysts that open and then go away. She has a large bump on her head. The vet said it is not a cyst and during the cleaning cells will be extracted. I am a bit concerned to say the least.

I am not going to borrow trouble. Please if you will, send a prayer for my big, red best friend.

In the meantime, here are some photos of our latest early morning walk.

We may have to do several hundred bench jumps to get her in shape.



Love mornings!



I know I said it before, but ’tis the season for mesquite seed pods.


Seriously wondering what lives in there.



I Just Can’t Think of a Title.

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Just another day off spent with my big, red dog Lucie, walking in the park during the early morning hours and my thoughts about this day.

First of all, my heartfelt prayers to the people and family members of the Malaysian Flight MH370. 

I bought those plastic picture hangers boasting no damage to the walls and easy removal. Uh-huh. Over the last couple of days, I found pictures jumping off the wall. One of Lucie as you can see in the photo below and one of my twin grandsons, Fuzzy & Wuzzy. I cherish my photos. I am not happy with this situation. Do not mess with my family or dog. Plus, the space I hung Fuzzy and Wuzzy’s photo is missing a bit of paint.

I am done. Back to a hammer and nail. 1 I so enjoyed a cloudy morning. The mesquite tress are busy dropping seed pods. This tree is still holding the pod.

My dog loves to climb the kid toys! She is not so hot on the slides, but can not resist the stairs.

When we left to go home, she jumped in my front seat. I normally make her ride in the back seat for safety reasons. If I have to stop suddenly, I will have to peel her off the dashboard.

Not good. Today I indulged her. 2 My bell pepper plant is going crazy. I just hope the peppers will thrive and not dry up and turn into red, hot pepper. Do not even ask me about the burrito I ate with the crushed red pepper.!

The plant on the trestle grows from my neighbor’s yard. I nursed it last year until it stopped growing. The plant came back this spring. Both Corvette and I enjoyed this plant last year.  We both loved growing plants. As Grandma M said, “You two should have been farmers!”

I think we were.

He would feel such joy knowing the plant is back. I know I would find him in the back yard, directing each stem through the trestle.

Getting the Girl On.

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014



I have to admit for the last six months I usually get up at 3am (yeah, I know. 5am work start) jump in the shower, throw on my jeans and a T-shirt and go from there. I have not touched my makeup or even jewelry . I throw my hair into a messy bun and call it good.

Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and think, “Oh jeeeze girl!”

I had to have a serious talk with myself about these issues. Really? I know I have a bit of an excuse, but I do not want to still use that five years from now.


A few weeks ago after evaluating my hips, I decided it was time to start working out again. Not only for cosmetic reasons, but the magic endorphins I can definitely use at this time. So I started working out everyday. That is until I hurt my back while vacuuming my house. Yes, dumb I know, but I can not seem to remember I am no longer 23.


So I had to take a break and recover. I now feel normal again and can bend over to feed my big, red dog Lucie without searing pain.

Last summer I was intently working out, plus I would park far from work and then do a fast walk all the way to the front door. When I got off it was the reverse.

Here is the kicker. One day Corvette was sitting in his overstuffed chair and ottoman and he casually made this statement, “You know, your butt is looking pretty good.”


Working on it again baby.

Mother and Son Dance

Monday, July 14th, 2014

I would so do this.

Sgt Honda and Hippie Guy.

Want to renew your vows?

Cinderella! Maybe?

YouTube Preview Image

Lucie Tails.

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

I would really like to sleep in now that I am off on Sundays. Since I need to walk my 70-pound dog, I get up at 5:00 am. I can not handle the sun or heat so there is no other time.

Once I arrive at the park, I am good and enjoy the time.

Pulling myself out of bed sucks. My dog turns into a maniac if I do not get her exercise.

I ran into a man this morning and he asked me if Lucie my big, red dog just had puppies.

Ok, I think she needs to lose some weight.


She will go the the vet soon and I am prepared for the lecture. We used to walk everyday, but the evil sun and heat puts a stop to that. Ten minutes in my car is about all I can tolerate.

Still, mornings are nice.

Cool Tree.


I seriously wonder about this. Should I be scared. What is a burrowing creature? A gopher, what?




Better take a bag next time.

Off Today.

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

My new schedule at work is off Thursday and Sunday. Ok, because I will not work more than three days in a row, but never two days off in a row. Can’t have everything.

I have no idea how Lucie my big, red dog always knows when I do not have to go to work. She will start bucking like a horse and will not stop until I strap the harness on and put her in the backseat of my VW and take her to the park.

Since I must avoid the evil sun at all costs, the walking usually occurs before six in the morning. Sleep has never been my friend so I might as well be productive.

I always see awesome sunrises. I must also say Lucie, who does not get along with other dogs managed to keep her cool this morning while a big, black furry dog ran up to her.

The phrase “LEAVE IT.” worked. Either that or she understood that this dog could kick her butt.

Here are a few photos I snapped this morning.





This is after  we came home.



This is a plant that Corvette hijacked from his many travels around the city. The monsoon beat the crap out of it but the little plant is hanging in there. I am making sure of that. Funny, he never sent me flowers, but he brought me tons.



Me and my big, red dog Lucie.


I Try To Do As I Am Told.

Monday, July 7th, 2014

The last week or two I carried around a book that I was reading. Sometimes the calls slow at work and since I am tied to the phone I have nothing to do. So, hence I read.

A couple of days ago as I was nearing the end of a book about Mick Jagger. Boring by the way. I could care less how many concerts the Stones gave. I want the dirt. You know sex, drugs and rock and roll.

I love autobiographies and biographies. Why? I am nosy of course. I might be the person who snoops through your bathroom.

Did I just say that?

Anyway, I noticed something sticking out of the pages and when I opened the page I found this.


Hmm. Then I noticed the chapter.


I believe He did. So I figure if God is trying to tell me to have fun, I best do it.

I decided to dance because I am all about dance. I knew the perfect song.

It is live too. Feel free to join in.

YouTube Preview Image






Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

I do feel for the people living on the east coast dealing with hurricanes like Arthur and super storms such as Sandy. I wish the best for you and hope for recovery and rebuilding. Here in the desert southwest, rain rarely graces our environment.

I do not know any other demographic in this country where people will stand on a porch, window or front door and gawk at the rain.

Yes, we do.

It is not always because we are rain deprived. No.

Monsoon season is exciting. The thunder, the lightning. Running around the flooding streets.

Yes, my family is guilty of this activity.

Heart taking a picture people! We wait for days and months and when the rain finally comes we almost join in a chorus of “Kum By Ya.”


Anyway, I need a new camera. My cell phone camera is not doing it for me. Still, here are a few pics I took today while the rain fell.  Sorry the focus is off. They were through my sliding glass window but the intent is genuine.

rain1   rain2 rain3   Rain. Cherish it here in the land of ours.

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