Summer Pleasures.

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Even though living in the Desert Southwest during the summer can be a bit hot. One perk is the Monsoon storms that we frequently experience. If we are lucky then storms roll in during the afternoon and bring cool breezes, rain, and sometimes a great light show.

They can bring the humidity too, but it nothing like the 100% humidity found in the east and midwest. We had one such storm a few days ago. The storms also can provide wonderful sunsets. I took these photos and the sky never fails to delight me.

Here is to wonderful, cool summer evenings.




Where in the Heck is Juliannah?

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Right here actually. I needed a bloggie break because I did not have much to say for awhile. A lot has happened in the past few weeks. A lot has happened over the past year.

Just to recap, I lost my job last August. I moved out of my own place and back into a former home. That did not work so well. I went to stay with my parents. I went back to the former home for a couple of weeks. I packed up all my wordly goods, traveled to the hottest city in American and put them in a 5×15 storage shed. I like to travel light.

I then moved in with Cinderella and her family. That did not exactly work out for the best either. Nothing on their part, it just was not the right place for Lucie my big, red dog and me.

Next we spent a couple of hours at my sister’s house. Not a great move either. Let’s just say five dogs in one house is one too many dogs. We will leave it at that.

So, back to Cinderella’s house for a few days. Next stop was Cinderella’s best friend’s home. There we were able to fit in a little easier. A yard for Lucie and a friend named Lily made it better for us to get by.

After a few weeks I finally got a job. After two days I no longer had the job. Something about over hiring people. Yea, thanks for the enormous high followed by the dive into dispair. I only engaged in a pity party for about five minutes. Ok, maybe over night but the next day I was right back at it. Karma is a funny thing. I was working for temp agency for a very well known company. A few days later I landed a job with the well known company. Karma, kismet, fate, whatever it was, I took the job thank you very much.

Right out of the pity party I decided to apply for a job in the second hottest city in America that I had left a couple of months before. They called, I went and let’s just say I now have two jobs. I have time before both jobs start. I will start the first one and see how it goes. I still have the well known company as backup. I have choices.

Lucie and I are now back at Grandma M and Grandpa DingDon’s house. So far, so good. Lucie is behaving and once again adjusting to another enviroment. She has been here before so it is not something new.

Along the way she has lost a couple of beloved toys such as Santa Dog. Miss Lily turned Santa Dog into a mere lump of stuffing. She also commandeered Lucie’s tug bone.

So what is a good doggie mama to do? Introducing Pinky Dog.

I think Pinky Dog will fit right in.

They say home is were the heart is.
Or in this case, where the lap is.

Eating on the Trail.

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Quaker Oats for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

QSBB Yum Image high res.jpgI just discovered a great product that would have made a nice addition to my recent camping trip. When you are out hiking in the mountains, you have to watch what you are packing. The last thing you want is to have a heavy backpack that makes it difficult and cumbersome to hike.

The Quaker Soft Baked Bar is small and compact but packed with 5g of Fiber, 6g of protein and is an excellent source of 5 B-vitamins. With only 140 calories, this wholesome food is great for in between meals, a breakfast snack, or an energizing treat on the trail.
The bars come in two delicious flavors.
Cinnamon Pecan Bread.
QSBB 3D Carton Banana.jpg (2 documents, 2 total pages)
Banana Nut Bread.
QSBB 3D Carton Cinn Pecan.jpg (2 documents, 2 total pages)
I think Banana Nut Bread might prove to be my favorite and I will definitely try both flavors.
At home, they can be popped in the microwave for that just baked pastry experience. Of course, they are wonderful just out of the wrapper and that is important when you are on the trail or at a family outing.
I plan to make plenty of other camping trips this summer. I will include the Quaker Soft Baked Bar on my food list. I plan to share the bars with my friends and I am sure they will love them too. I might even share a bite or two with Lucie my big, red dog.
Yes, I know I spoil her, but she deserves a treat every now and then. She is a great camper and hiker.

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Thursday, June 7th, 2012

If you have been reading this blog, know I have been without a job for quite awhile. I am so happy to say I am now employed again and looking forward to starting my life again. I spent quite a few months searching for employment. I was very maddening and frustrating.

Years ago, it was fairly easy to find work. Today is a whole different story as me and millions of other people have found out. I will not get into the politics of today, but something just must be done. I was up against losing my unemployment. I was scared, angry, and having meltdowns. I am normally a pretty even-tempered person. Not so over the last few months.

I must apologize to the people that I might have snapped at and the ones that watched me lose control. I seriously had a hard time will the “It will be okay” speech. Sorry guys, but those of you that know me, also know that my jobless situation was not the only thing weighing me down.

So, I hope I am forgiven for whatever attitude that may have been present on certain days.

I am thankful for this new start and I will get back to my good place.

I have to.

No Resting Here.

Friday, June 1st, 2012

I wrote about my Aunt Jessie turning 100 years old in this post. She went to heaven last Sunday. She was 101 and very close to 102. Yes, our family is saddened, but we also celebrate her long and colorful life.

I was privileged to spend time with her and her family as a teenager. I learned a lot from her in that short time. She always went forward in her life. I do believe she never looked back. That is something I am striving to do at this point in my life. No, I am doing at this point in my life.

Thank you Aunt Jessie for setting the bar high. Thank you for giving to others. Thank you for spending time with a slightly incorrigible teenager all those years ago.

I will not say rest in peace because some how I think you will be to busy to rest.

Heaven just got luckier.

Memorial Weekend Camping Trip – Part 1.

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

I went camping over Memorial Day weekend. I had a good time with good friends. I did not forget what the day is for because it is important to remember those who sacrificed for all for us and keep their families in our thoughts and prayers.

That being said I will begin with a few photos from my weekend.

Lucie my big, red dog and I arrived at Lady Red’s home. She and Hadji, Lady Red’s dog were happy to see each other and spent some time playing in the yard. After, as we were sitting in the living room, Lucie spotted something she had not noticed before.

Yes, that is a bear skin. Lucie barked and I honestly thought she might try to climb the wall after the bear skin.

Down girl. Considering we were going camping where bears live, I was not sure if I should be happy about this or worried.

The first day was cold. Very cold. The wine helped. Trust me.

Told ya.

I did not bring the proper clothes and the cold front that hit the first day made everyone uncomfortable. Luckily, I was able to borrow some warm, camos. Unfortunately, they were a little to big. Lady Red found it very funny that I did not notice my pants were falling down. It is a good thing I love you girl or this photo would never had happened.

Me, Lady Red, and Lucie sitting on a log. What else do you do in the woods?

These are Lady Red’s nephews. The oldest taught me to shoot the bow.

Future elk hunter.

That would be me trying to hit the target.

Fun times. Sore shoulders the next day.

Of course, when you are in the woods, you must find a tree, bush, rock.

Hey, it is a dog.

Scenic photos to come in a later post.

The New Edition.

Monday, May 21st, 2012

We have a new member of our family. He came suddenly and unexpectedly. He is so cute and so tiny. He has sweet eyes and shiny, black hair. No, nobody had a new baby. That is human baby.

We have a new puppy! I give you Jasper. A six week old Boston Terrier Daschund mix

No mom, Jasper is not mine. He belongs to Cinderella, Tango, Butterfly, and D.D.

He is not very big. I think it might take some time before he can get on the couch.

It was Butterfly’s idea to put him in a dog purse. Hopefully he is comfortable with his alpha self. You have to be when you are stuck in a pink purse.

We might just have to start calling her Paris.

I went to babysit and um, puppysit. Everything was going well until I went to fix some dinner and all of a sudden we smelled…you guessed it. POOP! Butterfly and I found D.D. literally standing in the biggest pile of poop that I have ever seen come out of a puppy! D.D. apparently decided to pick up  a fist full of poop so we had to rush him off the bathroom and get that crap off him. All the while Butterfly was laughing and told me in the years to come we would continue to laugh about this incident. Really?

Here is the little poopster.

The Poopster getting a bath. We all know why.

He also enjoyed some time in the puppy bed. Something tells me D.D and Jasper to will grow up close buds.

Sweet portrait. Everyone poop free.

At the end of the night everyone was tucked in and sleeping peacefully.

Jasper included.

Successful babysitting and puppysitting adventure.

Lucie and Lily Tails.

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Here are some new photos of the besties, Lucie and Lily. I must admit they struggle for the alpha role sometimes. They also still want to own Little Princess. But, most days they just tear through the house, up and down the stairs and stealthily steal toys from one another. Sneaky they are.

Tug-a-war is a favorite game.

Unfortunately, this was right before Santa Dog met his demise. LILY!

They like to spend time lounging in the yard and basking in the sun.

There is almost nothing cuter than dogs smiling.

Well, maybe dog butts.

Or dog butts in the morning. I know, me bad.

More Lucie and Lily Tails to come.

Cinderella’s Etsy Shop.

Monday, May 14th, 2012

My daughter, Cinderella has opened her very own Etsy Shop. She is a most talented baker, crafter, and a great mom. She made some awesomely cute headbands, placemats, and fabric flower arrangements. She is also former army and created an American Flag placemat.

Please check out her wonderful creations and let me know what you plan to buy. Feel free to link to this post and help this stay-at-home mom get her personal business off the ground.

Young Talent.

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

I am living with a family that includes three children, Little Miss Thang, Little Angel, and Mini Batman. I let them pick their own bloggie names. I had to veto a few in the beginning because hey, we need to keep it on the up and up here.

Little Miss Thang did a powerpoint presentation of a poem she wrote for a school project. If you came from the West Coast, you will relate to this. I did.

Click on the link and view the slideshow.

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