The Joys of Leaving Work Early.

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

I was released early today. Why? Because I asked and the stars, sun and moon were aligned. Plus, I work with some cool people and stay in my seat. At this time, it is not yet 9:00 am and I have the pleasure of typing the words I love so much

Yes, I do work with great people. There is a group of us that always gather every morning before our shifts, way before the sun appears in the eastern sky. We talk about everything. We ask other how we are doing. We connect because we work in the same boat.

This morning two of my work buds were standing in the usual place when I arrived.

“Hey Miss Julie, how’s it hanging moneybags?” said one sweet lady who totally reminds me of a gay grandmother. I did not have one but if I did, it would be her.

I replied, “I am not moneybags, but I did buy something yesterday.”

“What did you buy”, said the other girl with the biggest, roundest eyes I have ever seen.

“A new purse!” I said.

“Oooh. Awesome. So sweet to buy a new purse or shoes!”, she exclaimed.

I know. Because, well I am a girl. Anyway, this is how it rolls in the morning, breaks and lunch. Makes me happy.

I started wearing my hair down the other day. Just another effort to find Julie. With my hair, you never know what you are going to get. I tend to think my hair looks like something exploded on my head. Other people say my curls are pretty. They say I am so lucky. That would be the people with stick-straight hair.

The other day my former supervisor, the one who took such good care of me all those months ago suddenly popped up over the side of my cubicle.

Of course, he scared the you know what out of me. As he waved and flashed his infectious smile, I had to continue talking to the person on the phone.

He then mouthed, “Hi Julie! I like your hair!” then just a quickly as he appeared he was off to probably resolve an issue, help a co-worker or bust that person that is not in their seat.

Love my work buds.


Under Pressure.

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

After a bit of a frustrating day I decided to watch a movie. I turned on Father of the Year. Robin Williams.

Yea, I know.

The movie was so sad and I was not having the best day myself. I do not like it when a plan does not come together.

The end was amazing. Especially when I heard Queen playing Under Pressure.

David Bowie, added bonus.

YouTube Preview Image

Love each other people!

Real Food.

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

Tonight I actually made real food. Nothing from a box in the freezer. Real food. Ok, the chicken fried steak was from the freezer.

Hey, I heated it up.

Craving this piece of corn for awhile.



Excuse me while I go eat.




Fuzzy and Wuzzy – The 5th Birthday Party.

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

I spent a wonderful day with my family. We celebrated our twins’ 5th birthday! I have not been out recently so today proved all the sweeter.

(Just a reminder, when I write on my blog everyone has a bloggie name. It was my attempt to remain anonymous. Since I throw it on facebook, well I guess I defeated that purpose.)

Anyway, on to the party. The house, decorated in fantasy birthday land brought a smile to my face. With paper chain links and balloons you will never go wrong. Add in prizes, candy and an almost indestructible pinata. What more can you ask for?

Seeing my family and spending time is the best.

Tango, Cinderella, Butterfly, D.D. and Cupid, thanks for the lift! Here is a few photos of the day and a video of Fuzzy and Wuzzy wacking that indestructible pinata.

This is my baby. My youngest, Hippie Guy. party6

Hippie Guy, Flower Child and Cinderella, my sweet girl.   party9 I did not manage to photos the twins, but I did get video of their pinata whacking.

YouTube Preview Image I was able to whack the crap out of the indestructible pinata. Felt so good to hit something…yea.


Hippie Guy took it out. party10

We are family. party3

Last night while I was up watching a Van Halen video, I made a decision. Today I spoke with my children. Thumbs up. More on that at a later date.


This little reveler could not go any further.  Sweet dreams Cupid.

Never let go of that balloon. party1

How I am Feeling the Day Before the 14th of August.

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Like this.

YouTube Preview Image

Lucie Tails – August Days.

Monday, August 11th, 2014

My employer keeps changing my days off. I need to pay close attention to my schedule because a couple of weeks ago I went to to work and found I was scheduled off.

Pay attention.

Anyway, I am off today. Yea, a Monday. Typically busy. Very busy…

I still wake up early and Lucie my big, red dog always knows when I am off. To her this means going to the park. Ok, sometimes I bonk out and sleep until the sun comes up.

Other times Lucie puts her snout in my face and requires I get out of bed.

Not the case today.

Hit the park before sunrise.



Watched the sun come up.




Worked out my big, fat dog!




Went home and saw this.




No complaints here.


Getting on With It; At Least Trying.

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

I woke up late today. I was so mad at myself and for the life of me can not figure out why my alarms, yes alarm(s) plural did not go off. So then I called off.

This is not the way I usually roll. I go to work everyday and I do not do late. But yet, here we are. Late and off.

I need to learn how to forgive myself. Hard sometimes.

I honestly feel so much better lately. When your friends agree with you and tell you, “I know,” you then start to get a bit snarky. Then you are late and call off and realize you have not seen your husband in seven months. How does this date creep up on me?

I do apologize, but then I don’t.

Let me elaborate at bit. My thoughts lately are turning to moving on, living my life and finding some love and kisses. There I said it.

My loneliness level is over the top. At times so is my guilt level. I know. I still feel it though.

Maybe I should just have the nasty, ugly face cry and get on with my life. I am afraid if I do, I will never get off the floor.

Corvette wrote me a letter not long before he passed away. In this letter he told me he loved me and urged me to go on. He knew. Yes, I was angry at the time because I found it before he went to heaven. Now, I understand. I am not still angry baby. You know it takes me a bit longer to get over it. But I am.

He knew me well and did not want me to fall in the proverbial hole.  As I said, he knew me.

My problem is I do not know how to do this. No internet dating, no bars and I can certainly not blatantly approach someone.

Praying on this big time. In the meantime I need to check and double-check my alarms.

Back to work tomorrow and suck it up.



Music That Moves Me – Guide Us Home. Update.

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

I wrote about this  video previously. For some reason I can not link to it.


The point is I  left a message for the band Bad Actress.

Thank you so much.

Once again. Bad Actress. YouTube Preview Image


Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

I recently discovered numerous rolls of undeveloped film. Some are instamatic and some 35 mm. I can only figure they went undeveloped because of financial reasons.

I turn in a roll each week and I receive treasures each time I pick up the new photos. Hippie Guy’s first birthday, Butterfly’s first meeting with her great grandparents, our life at our apartment in Downey, and a California trip that must have occurred in 1986.

I went the other day to I pick up a collection from the trip. I was depositing a new roll when I heard someone say, “Can I help you?”


He was not the regular photo person but whatever. I told him I was picking up photos. He grabbed my envelope, opened it up and quickly shuffled through my photos.

Are you kidding me dude? He remarked that some did not come out. “Yes, they are old.” He said, “I can tell and they look like they were in the heat!”

I just paid for the photos and quickly left. Since I am in the store quite often, I see this person almost every time I go. I think I need to change locations.


Buzz off little beady-eyed troll. Anyway, I want to share a few treasures. Some I had to recreate with my cell phone. This is my little, big boy on his first birthday.

oldpics9     My parents with their first great-grandchild! Grandma M. oldpics5   Grandpa Dingdon oldpic6   Cinderella. From the next collection. Our apartment in Downey.oldpic7     My kids with Joey Montes.   RIP oldpic2   Do I not look like I am 12 years old? oldpics8

Lucie Tails – The Video.

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Just another edition of my early morning walks with Lucie my big, red dog. I had the last two days off from work and so sorry Luce, but yesterday I just had to sleep in.

She always knows when we are heading to the park. From me pulling out my favorite t-shirt, the green PT shirt I secretly acquired from my son’s boot camp days. Shhhhs! To my ugly park shoes, she always knows.

This morning as soon as the t-shirt rolled out of the drawer and shoes made their way into the house, Lucie started bucking like a bronco. This is nothing new.

I am limited on walking time. Living in 100° plus weather will quickly put a damper on braving the elements. In addition, I am not about to risk burning up Lucie’s paws or running the risk of heat exhaustion. Trust me, at 7pm it is still darn hot here.

I usually snap photos during our walks. This morning I decided to take video. The park I go to is small, but I like it and so does Lucie.

I hope this video turns out ok. Google told me it was shaky. Then said they would fix it. Ok and thank you.

The video is not the best. The camera on my phone is not up my expectations.

More importantly, great morning with my Booby!


Have a great day!

YouTube Preview Image
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